The UCC E-Filing System has been integrated into the Westchester County Clerk's PREP System used for recording and e-recording of land records. For more information, please visit our UCC E-Filing page or review the UCC Specific PREP Manual.

Proceed to the Westchester County Clerk's PREP System to E-File

If you already use the PREP system to record other land records, you will find that e-filing of UCCís is as easy as any other document. If you havenít used the PREP system, you will find that it is very straightforward and easy to learn.

Some advantages of e-filing UCCís in PREP include:

  • Enter your submitter contact information only once when you set up your account and not with each filing
  • Track and view your document after submission
  • Submit as many UCCís and UCC3ís as you like in a single transaction
  • Utilize the simplified payment process
  • Note the uniformity with existing land records e-recording through PREP
  • Choose whether to scan your UCC and upload it, or fill in the UCC in the PREP System, eliminating paper completely

If you have any remaining questions, please contact the PREP Help Line at (914)995-3111 or the Land Records UCC Department at (914) 995-3098 or email